Our Progams

Storyteller is an evolving organization that works hard to offer high-quality programming in a safe and supportive environment for the children and families we serve.

"You have an amazing ability to express the strengths and essence of your kids in a way they can draw inspiration from both now and for many years to come. In the hustle and bustle of the day, I notice many wonderful moments, but rarely get a chance to tell you what an amazing teacher you are and how much I admire the nurturing, enriching, positive space you cultivate for the children of Storyteller to thrive in! "


~Ruth (State Street Volunteer)

Who We Serve

Storyteller serves the community’s most vulnerable children and families. Most have been homeless at some point, lived in shelters, or with multiple families in one small apartment. Their parents often suffer from risk factors such as poverty, substance abuse, domestic violence or medical conditions.


Most live below the federal poverty guideline of $24,300 for a family of four, and of our current families 48 % are single parents, 10 % are teen parents, 35 % live in shelters, and 10 % have reported domestic violence, and 33 % of the children we serve have developmental delays or disabilities.

Program Approach

Storyteller’s three-pronged approach to school readiness involves the parents, the teachers and the child. Our goals are for children to be prepared to enter kindergarten school and ready to learn, their families able to support their child’s learning and development, and that our teachers are trained as best in class and able to be effective therapeutic educators goals. Storyteller considers our parents the teachers of our children!

Our Work

Our seamless integration of all day services includes: early childhood education, therapeutic counseling,  3 nutritious meals a day,  and medical/dental screenings for our children, parent educations classes, home visits, case management and counseling are also offered to our parents.  Storyteller teachers meet with the parents/guardians  to establish goals for their family, eduction and career. On a quarterly bases, the teachers meet with the parent/guardians regarding their goals. Through Storyteller's support, we are helping the whole family break the cycle of poverty and helping our children to be kindergarten ready.  Storyteller also serves as a resource and referral to assist the families with wrap-around services.


We educate the children, and work closely with the parents in their employment, schooling, housing, health and therapeutic support. We believe that part of our role is to encourage families to become a engaged with in our community.


Storyteller children and families come from the trauma lens and our teachers are trained through what we call “Reflective Practice and Supervision.” Our teachers are effective therapeutic educators and have the capacity to respond to the critical needs of each family.

For more information on our programs, please contact Donna Barranco Fisher (donna@storytellercenter.org).


2115 State Street - Santa Barbara, CA  93105

2121 De la Vina Street - Santa Barbara, CA 93105





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