“Thriving Children, Healthy Families, Vibrant Communities”

Our Mission

Storyteller Children’s Center helps Santa Barbara’s homeless, at-risk

toddlers and preschoolers achieve Kindergarten Readiness by providing

therapeutic preschool and support services for their families.

Our Vision

A vibrant community because all children start school ready to learn​.

Core Values
  1. Storyteller believes that all families have strengths. We try to meet the families where they are and provide a place of non-judgment.

  2. Storyteller believes that parents and guardians are the child’s primary teachers, but they benefit from our expertise and guidance.

  3. With guidance, parents can act as change agents to break the cycle of poverty.

  4. Storyteller operates from a place of compassion, empathy, respect and integrity.

  5. Storyteller provides a safe, supportive, trauma-informed, educational environment for the children, families and staff.

  6. Storyteller supports its teachers and staff through professional development, reflective practice and a loving culture.

  7. Storyteller values its collaborations with outside agencies and believes they are an integral part of Storyteller’s programs.

  8. Storyteller is extremely grateful for its staff, Board Members, and all the funders and donors who make the program possible.

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2115 State Street - Santa Barbara, CA  93105

2121 De la Vina Street - Santa Barbara, CA 93105

805.682.9585 - hello@storytellercenter.org - www.storytellercenter.org


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