“Thriving Children - Healthy Families - Vibrant Communities”

Steps for Enrollment:
  1. Call Storyteller Children’s Center at (805)-682-9585 and ask to speak with Analu Diaz-Lule.

  2. You have the option to meet with Analu at our 2115 State Street site, where you will be provided with an application, and and a review of all required documents. Alternatively you can find copies of our enrollment forms at the bottom of this page and can scan, fax, or mail to analuisa@storytellercenter.org.

  3. Return all required documentation. Analu will communicate with you regarding what documents are missing. When the application is complete, the process will move forward and placed on the wait-list depending on family need. An incomplete application cannot be processed. We also encourage families to apply to more than one program outside of Storyteller. Applications will be processed (approximately 2-4 weeks).

  4. When an opening becomes available, Storyteller will contact the next family on the waiting list. Upon acceptance, an orientation will be scheduled.

  5. After your orientation, we will schedule a “school visit day” for your child.

  6. An enrollment date will be determined.


     Please contact Analu Diaz-Lule for more information:


     or 805.682.9585 x302

Enrollment Documents: