Community Partner Profile

Procore -"Openness, Optimism, and Ownership"

Storyteller has recently gained a tremendous amount of support from a wonderful organization, Procore Technologies, a construction project management software company located in Carpinteria. Procore's involvement with Storyteller can be traced back to Jeff Horn, Procore's Senior Director of Sales. When his department began looking for ways to become involved in the community, Jeff suggested reaching out to Storyteller, which Jeff and his wife had supported in the past. We are so happy they did!


 The Procore Sales Department has been involved in many different capacities at Storyteller. Their team first joined us on our kindergarten promotion day to help with the ceremony and play with the children. Since then, they've continued to send volunteers our way to spend time in our yard and help out with site maintenance. Thanks to Procore, our children have a renovated sandbox area at our State Street location. In addition, Procore helped Storyteller with its marketing videos by donating time in their sound studios.


Two of Storyteller's cherished Procore volunteers are Chrissy Ortiz and Joe Marshall. For Chrissy, Storyteller stands out among Santa Barbara county nonprofits because her own 4-year old daughter is the same age of many of Storyteller's students, and the need really "hits home" for her. 


Joe Marshall has been involved in all of Procore's volunteer days, and now has begun to come in during his free time. Joe told us his work and involvement at Storyteller has been a very "sobering" experience for him. He grew up in Irvine, California, a place he jokes is "the world's safest city." The realization that not everybody gets the same, safe upbringing he received was devastating for Joe. "These children have been through gnarlier stuff at age 3 than I ever have at age 26, " he says.  He hopes to continue to make an impact on the lives of Storyteller children in any way he can.


The sales department's wonderful work can be attributed to the culture and vision Procore has created for their company; one of "Openness, Optimism, and Ownership." In many ways, Storyteller strives to create a similar culture for our children, families and staff. Procore emphasizes giving back to the community. We are extremely grateful for the kindness and generosity Procore has shown Storyteller, but also thankful for their work in the community at large.