On February 21st, Storyteller Children’s Center  and other local organizations hosted the documentary film, No Small Matter, which focused on early trauma and the effects on a child’s developing brain. No Small Matter is a feature-length documentary film that brings public attention to the questions of the importance of early care & education. Executive Director Donna Barranco Fisher participated in a panel with local leaders in Early Childhood Education and mental health.

News Updates:
Please take a few minutes to watch our short video and learn more about the children at Storyteller.


Storyteller is a therapeutic preschool that strives to support children and their families toward “Kindergarten Readiness.” Storyteller serves Santa Barbara’s poorest families, those living below or close to the poverty guideline and who also meet the Federal definition of homeless. It is this segment of our community that is the most at-risk and tends to have difficulty accessing and paying for quality care.  These families also have social and emotional needs that exceed the capabilities of most preschool programs. We believe that without intervention and access to our high-quality therapeutic preschool program, these children would not be prepared to start kindergarten. Therefore, they have a higher chance of dropping out, thus perpetuating the cycle of poverty and dependence on social welfare.

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